The Other Half of the Gospel of Grace

Are you striving against your flesh? Wonder where that abundant life is that Jesus promised? Strive and wonder no longer. The Gospel answers

No Doughnut Speed Limit...

It's time to break out of living a confined life defined by the law and move into a new life of endless opportunity in the pursuit of love.

What is Matthew’s House all about?

Have you ever wondered what is next now that you are a Christian? That is what Matthew's House Ministries is all about! Find out more...

Does Sin Separate Us from God?

If someone uses Isaiah 59:2 to tell you that your sin separates you form God, please remember, it DID ... until you came to Jesus.

The B.S. Gospel

Have you heard a sermon lately that tells you that now that Jesus died for your sins, it is your job to obey God’s ten commandments?

Flip on the Light

In Christ, we have put on the new man, which has been created in righteousness, by Jesus and His resurrection.

Stop Talking About My Sin!

Have you ever wanted to shout, "Stop talking about my sin!" and just wanted to know you are loved and accepted?