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What is Matthew’s House all about?

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

(or “So I am a Christian, now what?”)

Some people become followers of Jesus just moments before their death. Remember the thief on the cross next to Jesus? His to-do list was fairly simple:

  • Believe in Jesus

  • Die on the cross

  • Spend eternity with Jesus doing awesome stuff

But for the rest of us who have some daylight between our new birth in Jesus and our earthly death, what are we supposed to be doing? To be extremely honest, most people don’t really know what to do next. Most Christian churches teach volumes of sermons on sin and salvation, but it is hard to find good teachings on what to do after you accept the defeat of your sin and enter into the saving grace of Jesus. Many churches even fall into a trap of trying to convince people to keep focusing on their sin by trying to “better themselves”. But that is contrary to the gospel of Jesus our Christ.

According to the gospel, His blood sacrifice did away with our sin once and for all. When we place our trust in Him, we are split into two entirely different people: an old fleshly human that is destined to continue craving meaningless, earthly stuff, and a brand new spiritual being that is incapable of sin and fully equipped to do miraculous things like love our enemies and esteem others higher than ourselves. So trying to “work on your sin” is a slap in the face of Jesus who finished the ultimate work on your sin… He hung it on a cross and died for it! Do yourself a favor and leave it there. Spending time trying to better what God already made perfect is an exercise in madness and futility.

No wonder so many of you out there are finding Christianity such a difficult pill to swallow. You are trying to swallow the wrong pill.

The Mission of Matthew’s House Ministries

That is why we are excited about the new Matthew’s House Ministries. We intend on venturing deep into this amazing new life that God has provided for us through His son Jesus. We invite you to come along for the adventure of our lifetime as we explore all of the potential that God has given us while we are still here on the big blue planet earth.

We realize that for some of you, the concepts that we are exploring might seem new and strange and you may even be skeptical about them. That is fantastic! A healthy dose of skepticism is a welcome trait and will serve you well in weighing what people tell you about the Word of God. We believe that the best way to learn is to be like the Bereans in Acts chapter 17. They “received the word with all readiness”, but they also “searched the scriptures daily to see if it was so”. That is a great balance. Let’s be willing to listen carefully to teachings about our faith, but let’s also be willing to do some research to find out if those teachings hold up to what is in the word.

By the way, this practice has a great hidden treasure. When someone goes to church or listens to a sermon online, but doesn’t take the time to search out that truth themselves in the word, they will repeat the teaching to others as “Pastor Smith said…” or “Our church believes that...”. But when you take that extra time to research these truths yourself, you start saying things like “God says that…” and “The Bible teaches that…”. You see, you are not only making these truths your own, but you are raising the stakes on your discussion of those truths with those around you from having the limited authority of man and man-made institutions to carrying the knockout power of the authority of God and His Word.

Three Kinds of Posts (at least)

This amazing new journey that we are all on is full of new information, opportunities, and challenges. Some of you are ready to take a deep dive off the cliff of grace into a bold new life of freedom, love, and compassion as you explore all sorts of secret missions that God has waiting for you to go on each day. For others, you may need some time reading and praying through some of these concepts that we are presenting because they may seem foreign to you based on what you have been taught in the past. That’s ok. That is why we have divided our posts into three broad categories:

Retool: In these posts, we will be digging deep into what the gospel is all about: grace. We believe that the true gospel leaves people completely free from the grips of sin and shame. Anything short of that sells the blood of Jesus short. But much of the Christian world has been misled into believing in another gospel; the gospel of works which is no gospel at all. This anti-gospel goes something like this "Now that you are saved, it is time for you to start working on that sin of yours to become a better, more holy Christian." It's time we retool. Let's look at the Gospel of Grace purely from the perspective of God's word, throw away the baggage of religion, and live the life Jesus died to give us.

( )

Live: In these posts, we will be seeking to answer the question of “Now what?” We will be exploring all sorts of opportunities that we now have, thanks to God, to go out and actually live this new Spirit-driven life. The theme of these posts is the redemption of everything that the enemy (and man-made, self-righteous religion) has destroyed. It is our hope to see the full power of the Holy Spirit unleashed in your life allowing you to experience real joy, lasting peace, deeper relationships, and unshakable confidence in the beauty and excellence that you now possess. ( )

The new you is something worth sharing with the rest of us.

Let’s talk about how you might do that.

Dig Deep: In these posts, we will be pushing deep into all sorts of amazing aspects of the Word and the world around us that most people never notice. We will be exploring the hidden treasures in the Word like finding Jesus in the Old Testament and digging up codes and hidden messages that are buried in the Bible. We will also talk about the beauty of God's science in everything from Creation to quantum physics. Lastly, we will focus on understanding our times through the lens of the Word of God. Prophecy, current events, and our modern culture should be understood through rightly dividing the Word and applying what it says to both our lives and the events of the world around us.

( )

So grab a fresh cup of coffee and open up your Bible... Let’s dig in!

Thanks for visiting Matthew's House. We hope to see you around!


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